Branston/PKCV/Stagecoach/SSE Bonanza

Four tasks, four lots of volunteers, three sites and too many numbers being listed here in one blog. Not exactly poetry, whereas the quote from one of our Stagecoach volunteers was pure poetry: “Cinnamon swirl at eleven fifty-seven.” It wasn’t relevant to the task but it was poetry. And it showed the contrast between the rationed pleasures of office routine and the enjoyment of getting out there into the wider world.

On Wednesday, 3rd June, volunteers from Branston Potatoes Ltd, Abernethy were joined for the day by two PKCV volunteers. They used “slashers” cut back the encroaching vegetation of over a kilometre of path on St Magdalene’s Hill. This will keep the paths clear enough to allow people to walk along them without getting brushed with wet vegetation, or feeling that they are stuck in a “tunnel effect.” The saw a red squirrel, explored the old powder store and met a blue tit fledgling along the way.

On Friday 5th June Stagecoach staff picked up two bin liners worth of litter from Moncreiffe Island and taught Fergus how to play word games with film titles. This hidden gem of a place, sitting in the middle of the Tay, opposite Tay Street, is a beauty spot again. They found wild garlic and sweet Cecily to try the scent of as well as tasting nettles on their island getaway.

On Friday 12th June SSE completed two tasks on St Magdalene’s hill. The first was to clear a stretch of the right of way from Hilton Wood, (above Craigie, on the way to Calla Fountain) and then in the afternoon to build protective lattices or cages of brushwood over precious oak seedlings to protect them from browsing roe deer. They tasted pignut (no wild boars were harmed in this exercise – it’s a plant) and tried nettles too. They were also treated to catching sight of a great tit visiting a nest box and, a first for Fergus in Perth, a red kite soaring over the top of the hill.

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