Four leaf clover and other hidden gems

Out and about yesterday checking some paths with Ian Montgomery, one of the Greenspace Rangers who cover the area from Perth over to Kingoodie and down to Kinross.

The idea is that we both walk paths which are relatively close to one another, checking whether the entire path is accessible, whether there are any physical obstructions and photographing suitable locations for finger posts and waymarkers.

Ian was off on a circular walk near Castle Law behind Abernethy, so I dropped him off, arranged to meet him in a couple of hours and set off for Powrie Park. I parked in behind the Tennis Courts, donned my wellies, checked that I had my water, camera, phones, map & pen and I was off!

Mine was a short walk down the side of Powrie Park out into the farmland, heading north at frst then zig-zagging around field edges until I reached a hidden gem of a place at the baks of the Earn by the old Carpow Pier.

Before turning around & heading back the way I’d came, I had a chat with a resident of one of the nearby cottages who informed me that the “shortcut” was well used by the good people of Abernethy, and that some folk bring a rod for a spot of fishing, while others come down simply to stand around enjoying the view from the old jetty.

I picked Ian up much sooner than I expected, out on the Glenfarg Road (best not ask how he got way out there, or why he was covered in mud all down the one side!). We compared notes and stories and set off for more of the same in the afternoon over at Forteviot. Here’s a couple of photos I took along the way.


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