World Ranger Day – Celebrating and Remembering Rangers Worldwide

The 31st July is World Ranger Day and it is a time for us and for the world to cast our eyes and reflect on the many aspects of ranger work throughout the world.In the past 12 months, 52 Park Rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty (global statistic).  Many die due to accidents; more were killed at the hands of poachers and militia.  Today we take the opportunity to honour and remember them.

We will also take the opportunity to celebrate the bravery, tenacity and dedication of those rangers who give their all in the service of nature, including our six fantastic Greenspace Rangers here in Perth and Kinross.

Our Greenspace Rangers regularly patrol our sites, looking after the environment that you, your family, friends and many, many tourists enjoy.  Our rangers help to maintain our parks, open spaces and our woodlands ensuring that they are safe and enjoyable places for you to your spend time.   Our rangers regularly work with volunteers, schools, Scouts and more, on tasks such as beech pulling, ditch clearing, coppicing and path maintenance.

Without the hard work and dedication of our Greenspace Rangers and those represented by the International Ranger Foundation, our world would look quite different.

Ranger duties vary throughout the world – demonstrated in the film the Thin Green Line.  (Promo here:

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