Monster Himalayan Balsam in Loon Braes, Rattray!

The Rangers have been working with The Conservation Volunteers and local volunteers at Loon Braes on Thursdays for the past few months and have achieved a huge amount. Since June we have planted a mini-orchard, removed a huge amount of Himalayan Balsam, planted wild flowers to help bees and butterflies, made hibernacula as safe places for the park’s amphibians & reptiles to hibernate in, done lots of weeding, given the wildlife hedge lots of TLC, sown wildflower seed – and lots more! Everyone is welcome to join us on Thursdays at 10.30am at the Pavilion – come for an hour or two or stay the whole day.

Here’s a photo of some Monster Himalayan Balsam with Rosie from The Conservation Volunteers and Jordan, one of our local volunteers. The plants are over seven foot tall!

him bal

Our volunteering day with The Conservation Volunteers at Loon Braes in Rattray won’t be taking place this Thursday (20th Aug) as everyone is on holiday. But please do join us the following week – the 27th – to make hedgehog homes. Meet at 10.30am at the Pavilion in the Davie Park car park in Rattray. Refreshments & biscuits are provided.

Here’s a hedgehog looking for a new home.