Farewell Daniele, Hi Dragonfly

Four intrepid, hard-working volunteers and two rangers dug vegetation out of Murthly Pond this week in the name of dragonflies, who like a bit of open water.

It was hard work in the drizzle but rewarding, not least of all because we found a few frogs while we were at it.

This was Daniele Muir’s last task with Perth and Kinross Conservation Volunteers because she has moved on from the council (she was with us as a volunteer this time) to run her own business and work for the Dragonfly Society. We wish her well.

Many volunteers will miss her knowledge and enthusiasm, as will her colleagues.  A fitting tribute was that a member of the public came to speak to us during the task to let us know that they had recently noticed a member of council staff checking the road drains near the pond for amphibians and reptiles. This is part of a nationally acclaimed project to protect these creatures which is one of Daniele’s major legacies.

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