Mina Moffats doggie tails from MacRosty Park, Crieff


A tail by ViVi Dog

When I go walking in the local park I meet up with lots of dogs and this I like.  Some of them are mere acquaintances but others have become friends. I could name them for you but won’t bore you with a bundle of names just now.  Only Ziggy will I name as he is something else. I think I can truthfully say he is one of the most popular dogs in the park.  He speaks to everyone and treats everyone the same, dogs and humans alike.

He is a very fit and agile Spaniel, his coat is mostly white but he has some nicely placed brown markings. He is one of the most obedient and well behaved dogs I know.  He comes with his master and it is obvious that he is devoted to him.  Dog to master, and master to dog. However I do remember when he was a pup and then as a young dog he was a little bit mischievous and at times naughty, especially I recall his master saying about him taking the children’s toys in the house. Even I know that is a no-no.

He started off walking in the part with a lead so that he learned how to behave in public and to socialise with other dogs and their humans.  Now he never has a lead – he runs about free, as I do most of the time, he wanders quite a distance away from his master but always has an eye open for where he is and comes running back to him. Occasionally he will go into the car park but his master whistles him back and he comes immediately.

The only time I have seen his master get a bit cross with him is when he finds a ball to play with.  He finds lost balls all the time and demands that the latest ball is thrown for him.  He can be quite demanding, expecting the ball to be thrown for him.  His master gets a bit fed up with this and puts the ball into a thankfully clean poo bag and puts it in his pocket.  Ziggy does not like this and makes a nuisance of himself, then and only then does his master seem cross with him and ticks him off – I would describe the ticking off like being beaten with a feather.  They have such a close bond.

One really good thing about Ziggy is that he does not always look for treats the way some of the dogs do.  I like this in him as I am not one for treats.  Too many of them are not good for you and like Ziggy I want to keep fit and not get fat.

Another good point about Ziggy is that he is great fun to be with.  If he is in the park first as soon as I see him I run over to him and we wander about, sometimes together other times just round about the humans who are always stopping to talk.  Mind you that is no bad thing for us dogs, it gives us more time to ourselves.