Another doggie tail from MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A tail by the ASBO Kids

We are two little top class dogs and do not deserve this title but we will get to that later.  We are Lhaso Apsos which anyone knows are a breed apart from your common breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels or Westies – and believe us, we know this.  We have friends of these types and we know our worth.

In keeping with our upper class image we have unusual names – for dogs that is.  We are Lani and Aslam.  One little cute girl and an even cuter boy.  We go everywhere together, well that is we go everywhere together with our human – we think of her as our mum.

We are not spoiled – oh no, not us.  We just know what we deserve in this life.  Coloured collars to suit our gender, pink for a little girl, blue for a boy.  Different coloured leads and we are hopeful of being kitted out with the latest fashion of winter coats ready for the cold days ahead.  You see we are clever little creatures, we know about the seasons of the year and the next one coming up is winter.  Wind, rain and snow.  However we do not want boots, no way they would not sit well with our image.  Imagine us in canine equivalent of wellington boots – no way.  As for beds, we have beds strategically position throughout our home to suit our preferences. For travelling we have two very comfortable beds in the boot of the car, we can snuggle down in these for long journeys.  We do deserve the best after all.

We are groomed regularly by mum and this is nice, warm baths too but what we like best is when our big sister gives us a haircut.  Then we really walk tall and proud, well as tall as Lhaso Apsos can.

We are taken for our morning walk to the park where we parade round with mum.  We can be noisy at times but this is sometimes deliberate as we know we get a titbit to silence us.  Also when we perform, as dogs do when in the park, after mum picks up our doings we get another treat.  Aslam can be quite naughty when on this walk, he just refuses to go any further – demanding a treat and he will walk on for a little then repeat the action.  We can get through quite a lot of treats this way.  Also we know quite a few other dogs and their humans and can put on a poor little me look and get treats from them too.  Yes, the park is good to walk in.

Now for the ASBOs.  Well not real ASBOs such a humans get but we have a not very nice person near us who seemingly does not like us and certainly does not appreciate out method of communication which is, of course, barking.  He complained to mum about us and said he would report us.  What this means we are not sure but mum was not at all happy so now we have to behave a little bit better and not bark as much when out in the garden, or even walking outside out gate. Not fair at all.

Mum told other humans in the park about this and everyone thought it funny, that is everyone except mum.  There is one human who likes to tease us by calling us the ASBO Kids but we will sort him out one of these days!