Doggie tails in MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A Tail by the ASBO Kids

We think it is about time that we had our say.  We are two perfect little dogs.  Perfectly turned out on all occasions. But we do have a problem.

One of our friends whom we meet almost every day on our walks in the park is a lovely big boy.  In fact he is gorgeous to look at, that is if you like taller dogs. Although as Lhasa Apsos we have to say we do not really appreciate height as being an attractive feature. He does have a very attractive coat, white with black streaky spots, and black ears. Sometimes we think he plays on his appearance. But he has a problem!  He drools!  Yuk………  And this then becomes our problem.

How do we tell him that this is totally unattractive?  No way is a slevery mouth in any way attractive. Why does he do this?  Not being a boy, just a cute little lady, I do not understand this so I asked Aslam, by brother, if he understood it but he too is ignorant in the matter.  So we asked Ziggy our Spaniel friend who seems to know everything. He told us it was a male dog do thing.  OK, we have checked out the drooly dog but as he does not have his man bits so how can that be.  Where do we go from here is the question?

The obvious answer is for us to avoid being in close contact with him but that is difficult as we meet him often. For example we met him today and there were drools about three inches long hanging from his chops – mouth for those uninitiated in dog slang – this was too gross.  Mum was near to having a fit at the idea that he would release this drools on our immaculate coats or indeed on her neat black skirt, so his mum went to wipe his chops with a bundle of leaves from the ground.  Gross again……. too much for us to witness.

We watched him as his mum was approaching with the handful of leaves, as did our mum.  Oh lordy, before she got to his chops he shook his head.  The drools went everywhere – thankfully not on our coats and even more thankfully not near our mum’s lovely black skirt. Where would we have looked had that happened?  And where would the slevery dog have looked – not as if he cared, he was just glad to have got rid of these long drools.  A few minutes later he was drooling again like a crazy creature and he did not seem to even notice, though mind you these were only little bubbly slevers at this stage.

We did notice however that when he got back to his car and jumped into his space he got his chops wiped with a special towel.  He appeared not to like this but we secretly smiled to ourselves.

Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, that a towel should go with him on his walks and he then gets his chops wiped as he goes.  Just two little dogs’ thoughts.