Walkies – Information & Quiz

Hello my name is Michael I am a modern apprentice with Perth and Kinross Council. I am 17 years old and I will be with the council for a year or two, I wanted to work in Community Greenspace because I enjoy being outdoors.

I have been pulling some questions together about responsible dog use.  I have tried to make it interesting but still getting the point across, I hope you like it.

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More information and the answers below!

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code suggests ways in which you and your dog should behave when taking a walk.

Please remember:

  • Avoid taking your dog into fields of young livestock
  • If passing through a field containing livestock, please follow the edges and keep your dog under close control*. If animals react aggressively, let go of the lead, and leave the field – calling your dog to you.
  • Fields of vegetables and fruit should be avoided – unless a path or track can be followed.
  • Some birds nest on the ground and dogs can cause disturbance. Remember to keep your dog under close control – especially near water, on moorland and in woods during the breeding season (April – July)
  • If crossing a recreational area remember not everyone likes dogs. Keep your dog under close control to avoid causing fright.

Many water bodies – rivers, lochs and reservoirs – supply drinking water, contain fish or may have other users (eg fisherman) – please do not encourage your dog into the water.

Finally, remember it is against the law not to clear up after your dog. If your dog fouls, please pick it up and place in a bin, or take home with you if no bin is available.

Further information on access opportunities and responsibilities at:



* Close Control – your dog responds to your commands and is kept close at heel. Dogs should be kept under control and in your sight at all times.