Get into Geocaching this Easter

Are you struggling to get your children motivated and enthused about going outside this Easter Holiday?

Would they be more excited if they could join a technological treasure hunt during their outing. A treasure hunt that is played by millions of people all over the world and is easily accessible? If so the often secretive world of geocaching is for you / them!

Geocaching is a real outdoor treasure hunt which is played used using a GPS device, smart phone or tablet, to find treasures or caches. You’ll be amazed how many of these caches can be found. It’s very likely you’ve walked past or over many of them without even knowing they were there.

There are;

  • 92 within a 3 mile radius of Crieff
  • 173 within a 3 mile radius of Perth
  • 29 within a 3 mile radius of Pitlochry


To play all you do is find out which caches are hidden in your area, each cache has a description and a grid reference, add these grid references to your GPS, smart phone or tablet and then go out and find them.

To learn how to play watch the Youtube video below and then visit