EVENT: 28th May, Cob Oven – Forward Coupar Angus

Have you been along to volunteer your time or experience at the Coupar Angus Community Garden on Caddam Road yet?

Well, if you like pizza or even a bit of home-baking then this might just be the place to be!

Forward Coupar Angus are having an oven-building day on Saturday the 28th May from 1 till 4 pm.  The group began building the oven during a course last year and aim to have it completed on the 28th.

The cob oven is an outdoor baking oven, built traditionally using clay, sawdust, sand and pallets – very eco!

The oven is heated by lighting a fire inside, which then warms up the thick wall, and the clay wall retains the heat for hours after the fire is pulled out – yes, pulled out! As well as the oven being able to bake bread, pizzas, potatoes etc. it will form part of the outdoor classroom area which is being established in the community space of the garden.

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