Atholl Estate Open day

A little out of  the ordinary day was had by the Highland Ranger, Jeannie!  She attended the Atholl Estates Day but NOT as a participant but working with Atholl Estate Ranger Service.  The object was to deliver the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in a fun and memorable manner!  It was a tried and tested game created by the Atholl Estate Ranger Service.  The game was split into seven areas, each with a challenge and a multiple choice question at the end!

What surprised both the new seasonal Ranger and Jeannie was the lack of understanding with regards to dogs and young livestock and how to climb over a gate properly!  The code is very clear that you should not enter an enclosed field where there are young livestock with a dog.  As for getting over the gate, always go at the hinge end, as it is the strongest section of the gate and doesn’t cause damage to the gate.

Lessons were learned and fun was had…. just look at the score board so many teams got 7/7 :)