Cateran Trail

Funding from Scottish & Southern Energy and the Cateran Yomp has allowed various projects to be delivered on the Cateran Trail. These have included using hands on path building techniques to create stone built steps, burn crossings and sections of path build.

I love how the re-building of this wall at Pitcarmick starts way back in the winter snow and advances through the muck and the rain until finally completed!

And here’s some great before and after pics which really show a fabulous improvement to the paths and the course of the water diverted back the way it should run.

Finally, a new set of steps leading down to the bridge at Pitcarmick.  Sound!

Steps at Pitcarmick

Photos courtesy of the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust who managed all the contacted work on the Cateran Trail.

Check out their numerous other project at their website