Chain reaction!

An update of the Rannoch in Bloom Group has to be that there has been a chain reaction due to the events that Elspeth Bruce, Environmental Initiatives Officer,  encouraged and aided with in Rannoch.  Firstly, a stunning raised bed appeared outside a non-gardeners house.  The new “window” boxes provided by the Car Parking team were planted up by Kinloch Rannoch Primary School Pupils and the Bloom Group.  Then just last weekend at the last task ownership was taken of the revitalised tubs (ex whiskey barrels) provided by Elspeth and the Community Payback team were planted up outside one of the business premises.  Volunteers turned up and weeded and did further planting in the tubs around the village.  Watch this space as they hope to start up a gardening competition and you never know what else.


As ever there is an open door for more help, whether you come and weed, or water some of the tubs or even give excess plants to the group.  There is even space in the committee.  For further information please contact