Volunteers – 1 : Balsam – 0

In preparation for our Himalayan Balsam removal conservation volunteer task at Lady Mary’s Walk I visited the work site a couple of days before the task. When I got there I had a very pleasant surprise.

There was a lot less Himalayan Balsam there than on previous years. This means that the work done by volunteers removing Himalayan Balsam in this location during 2014 and 2015 has worked extremely well and we were now seeing satisfying results.

This didn’t mean that volunteers this year took extended lunch breaks and went home early. They worked tirelessly, hunting out the Himalayan Balsam that was hiding in the more obscure areas.

Each stem has the capacity to scatter 800 seeds over 7m meters, so the more we can remove the less risk there is of it spreading uncontrollably again.

We’d like to thank our volunteers that came out on Saturday and to those who helped us with this task during 2014 and 2015.

Although it feels like we have a victory over the Himalayan Balsam at the moment, it’s a gifted rival that can quickly spread again with ease.

Next year we will have other Himalayan Balsam removal tasks at Lady Marys Walk, possibly working on other areas of the site where it is present.


CV Task July 2016

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