Black Spout

The Community Greenspace Team were out in force a couple of weeks ago working on the Black Spout paths in the Pitlochry area under the guidance of Greenspace Ranger Jeannie Grant.

Jeannie took us to Black Spout Woods for a team task. There was three elements to the task to make sure it was all inclusive for all abilities and health conditions:

  1. Path maintenances by clearing encroaching vegetation to make the paths easier to walk.
  2. We followed the management plans on the Archeological site to help and preserve the site by preventing excessive growth of bush and tree species, which in turn makes it easier to see the outline. 
  3. The final task was a heavy duty task to improve drainage on the core paths

It was hard work but great to learn more about what’s involved in conservation tasks and the kinds of things volunteers get involved in as well as learning more about the people we work with.

More information about the path network around Pitlochry can be found here:

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