Popping Away at Den of Alyth!

On the 29th of November we had four of our brilliant Conservation Volunteers out at Den of Alyth. They were using our tree poppers (seen below) to remove beech tree saplings.


Volunteers using tree poppers.

The reason we remove these are that beech is a non-native species to Scotland and the Den is recognised for being special for its native species such as Ash and Oak so it is important that we encourage the native trees and minimise the regeneration of the non-native.

The volunteers did a fantastic job on the day clearing much more than what was expected! With the removed trees we created small habitat piles, these habitat piles will provide wintering areas for insects and amphibians sometimes even hedgehogs! Although ours may not be big enough for that.


Habitat piles of the removed beach

It was a really enjoyable day and it was nice for me personally as it was the first task I had led as part of the ranger team so was lovely to meet some of our volunteers and also to start to get stuck in to my role.

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