Results of House of Commons #myparkmatters Survey now published.

Over 13,000 people from all over the UK responded to the House of Commons #myparkmatters Survey, here are a selection of the comments along with links to the survey itself.

“They hold events to promote the park including health walks, heritage walks, task days and offer free guided walks to charities and community groups. As I have become more involved with the Friends Group I have been amazed to see the benefits for both individuals and groups.”

“The health and mental well-being benefits of parks cannot be emphasised enough. Leaving a wild space for wildlife and for trees is also so important. Trees are essential in combating climate change and in reducing flooding.”


“Our local park is the heart of the community and brings all generations together. It’s a huge benefit for health and wellbeing. And brings the countryside into the centre of town so that everyone can access it.”

“As a committee member for a local Park Friends group, I am keenly aware that expected cuts to local Council funding are likely to hit parks and open spaces very hard. Our park has been lucky enough to have just finished an extensive regeneration programme, but before that had looked sad and neglected … Local parks are a massive community asset and need to be funded.”

Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities & Local Government Committee added, “The responses and comments we received have shown very clearly just how much people care about their parks.”

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