Thanks for your Feedback

Thank you very much to everyone who completed our online survey last year.

We received some great feedback that we’ll try to incorporate as much as possible.We’d like to use this blog post to summarise how we are going to try and do this.

To see the full results please click here – conservation-volunteer-survey-results-jan2017

Car sharing

We are going to promote the car sharing facility more during 2017 and make better use of this blog page.

Task people didn’t enjoy

Strenuous tasks

When we are running a task that we think some people will find strenuous we’ll also try and include something else which will be less strenuous.

With paths groups for example, if we were running a ditch digging task which is strenuous we would provide another tasks which is less strenuous for example pruning. This isn’t always feasible to do, but the majority of the time it is.


It would be unusual for us to have more than two aquatic tasks each year, when we do have an aquatic task we’ll try and provide work that can be carried out at the same time which wouldn’t involve volunteers going into the water.

Beech pulling

 It was mentioned that beech pulling repetitive, this is an essential tasks that needs done as part of our management plans. Beech are regarded as invasive in Scotland and as such are removed from woodlands in many areas

What can we do to make it easier for you to volunteer?

We got a great response to this; and there were a few suggestions that came up more than once. To see full results please see here.

In 2017 we are going to try and run tasks during the last week of every month and alternate between Saturdays and a weekday. At the moment the suggested weekday is Tuesdays.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to run tasks solely on Saturdays as it would interfere with staff workloads and other duties.

We are going to produce two, six month schedules to provide more notice of what’s coming up and we’ll ensure our calendar is always up to date.

We are hoping to have a more tree planting tasks during 2017, details aren’t confirmed yet but Conservation Volunteers will have an invite to a tree planting day involving Green Routes to Wellbeing in Crieff, please see here .

Independently run groups

We were keen to find out if there was an appetite for tasks  being run by individual volunteers / groups rather than always rangers. We got some useful replies to this and its something we’d like to  move forward with but we’ll need more discussion within the team to make this possible.

Once again we’d like to thank all that took part in the feedback survey.