Pitlochry Path progress.


As people settle into the New Year Pitlochry Path Group have already had a couple of tasks and this time out with their area!  They cleared 2km of path of encroaching vegetation, rubbish, leaves, unblocked drainage on the Bealach Path.  What a great way to start 2017!

As we reflect 2016 was a great year for the group with a total of 33 planned tasks completed, accomplishing a total of 284 hrs (up to October). This does not include all the sessions’ strimming, maintenance of equipment and preparations made for tasks.  So they are looking at ideas of how to improve their record keeping.  It also does not reflect the amount of time going into obtaining grants for path works beyond the groups ability.  A total roughly in the region of £24,000 was available, which has transformed 440m of new paths in total.

This has led to positive article being written in the “Pitlochry Life”, which can be viewed by clicking on this link: scanned001

The group has got great aspirations and have already planned most of the work for 2017 which requires a small celebration, which they had before Christmas in Pitlochry.

As the aspirations grow so does the need for further volunteers whom can be practical and join in on the tasks or help with funding application forms etc…. If interested please get in touch via communitygreenspace@pkc.gov.uk