Alyth Bridging the Community


In July 2016 Alyth was hit with devastating floods. Many people had to move out of their homes, businesses were affected and footbridges were washed away.

I was working with Alyth Development Trust and Alyth Community Council at the time on plans to improve Alyth square when this happened. In fact, after a great deal of community engagement, we were about to sign off on the final plans for improvements that very week. However with the flooding events, plans were put in hold.

Deciding on how to replace the footbridges was a decision the community had to be involved in as in order to raise the height of the bridges meant the steps and ramps up to them would take up more room. Putting 3 bridges in would mean the loss of 6 much needed parking spaces. In partnership with Alyth Development Trust I organised a community ballot so that people could have their say. Once the voting papers were counted the decision to only replace 2 bridges was announced and the Council could get the final designs drawn up and order the bridges to be fabricated. There was much excitement on Sunday as the bridges were finally hoisted into place and they should be ready for use soon!

The other good news this week is after a great deal of hard work by Alyth Development Trust in partnership with the Council and Community Council, completing many funding application and organising many community engagement events, it looks like all the funding is almost in place to carry out the improvements to the square. Watch this space for further news!

The Alyth community have to be praised for their resilience, hard work and vision for the future.