Loon Braes Parknership Flowing!


Watergems installing the new outlet grill

There has been a bit of a revival in activity by the Loon Braes Parknership recently. The group have been very busy and are pushing forward ideas and projects within Loon Braes.

One of the projects that has come to fruition is the new outlet grill for the pond. This has been successfully installed and is functioning correctly!

The new outlet was designed to keep the water level in the pond more even and prevent the almost tidal like system that had existed in recent years.

So far, it has worked brilliantly with special thanks to Watergems who manufactured the new grill and also installed it.

The pond is key to the biodiversity of the site with aquatic freshwater sponges, amphibians, birds, plants and many invertebrates too. Stabilising the water table should have a positive effect on the range of species within the pond by reducing erosion and facilitating more aquatic and semi-aquatic plants to take hold.

The Parknership are now looking at more projects going forward to enhance the Loon Braes and improve the space even further to become a real asset to the community.

Loon Braes is based at the pond near Davie Park in Rattray. If you are interested in volunteering with the Parknership there are a range of different roles that they currently require assistance with. Please contact adorman@pkc.gov.uk for more information.


New Grill in Position