Junior Rangers

Community Greenspace Rangers have been supporting the Junior Ranger scheme administered by Cairngorm National Park and delivered in a partnership between Highland Perthshire’s Ranger Services via Pitlochry High School.  As we approach the half way point of the second year that Community Greenspace has been involved in, I thought it would be good to see some of the last years project from their presentation at the end of the introduction week through to one of their final articles written. The photos show their final task with Community Greenspace supporting Rannoch in Bloom and Rannoch path Group.

It is also good to report that all participants completed their Junior Ranger Award and their John Muir Conserve Award.

Black Spout Wood

“We all love the Kelly kettle so much because we always have hot chocolate to bump up the calories after burning off so many. We especially loved it after we went to Black Spout Woods where we cut down dead trees and dominating tree species. This is to allow the hazel and oak trees to grow, as a result of other domineering trees its numbers are sparse.

We also tried out the emergency tent, which was fun although a little cramped. It is designed for use if you ever get lost to protect from the elements and hypothermia.

The highlight was definitely the hot chocolate although we had to wait a while because there was a dramatic moment when someone knocked it over.”  Elah Cohen