Pride of Place in the Park!


Volunteers removing broom from around the trees in Larghan Park.


Coupar Angus Pride of Place were out in Larghan Park looking at several different aspects of the park. There was a fantastic turnout with 8 Volunteers from the park across the day

We focused mainly on the wildflower area in the park removing some of thistles and dock. These plants have a tendency to take over in wildflower meadows and it is important to keep on top of them and not allow them to wipe out other species and dominate. We  removed some broom that was encroaching on to some recently planted trees. There was some stepping stones installed about 10 years ago which has become a little overgrown which we opened up again and opened up the access around them too!

The group enjoyed the day and it was great to work with such a fantastic community passionate about their open space!