Stanley Development Trust linking communities!

SDT Blog 2.pngStanley Development Trust Path Group are one of our 18 path groups. They look after the Core Path Network surrounding Stanley in partnership in local landowners and Community Greenspace.

They were busy recently with their improvements to the Sheilhill path- a rural circular routethat starts and ends in the town. The group recently received some funding from the Community Environment Challenge Fund to improve the path. They have focused on improving the top surface and drainage of the path to prevent further disrepair.

There was a fantastic cohort of volunteers to carry out the path works over two days. The first day was widening the path towards its original width but leaving enough to keep the path bound then adding a layer of dust to the top of the path to bind any loose material. The path was then compacted using the combination of a vibrating plate and a roller.

The group carried out some fantastic work and the path is now looking brilliant. They have plenty of ambitions for the future too!

If you have any interest on joining the Stanley Development Trust Path Group contact Fiona Lough-