Cutting on Kindrogan!


Kirkmichael Path Group and Friends

Kirkmichael Path Group were out for their first ever task recently.  The group had seven of their regular volunteers plus a few extra family members who were visiting on holiday.  The focus of the first task was to cut back some regeneration and clear the Kindrogan Hill Loop of any obstructions(where possible).

The first thing however was to have a quick training session on how to audit a path. We carried out a small walk around the Riverside Loop discussing things such as infrastructure, vegetation and drainage and what to look for with these. This allowed the gruup to develop their skills and more easily assess problems when walking the paths.

After this we headed up the hill! The group worked hard for the 2 hours we were on the hill and managed to get half of the path cleared! The results meant that it should be a lot easier for path users to navigate that side of the hill. The intention is to go back in a couple of months time and finish off the cutting back.

If you would like to be involved with the Kirkmichael Path Group contact:

Roger Clare