Blairgowrie & Rattray Access Network (BRAN) work undertaken WE 19th August 2017

The weather restricted activity during the early part of the week but Ally Donald more than made up for that by cutting several paths and sections of paths at the end of the week – these included: West Gormack to old bothy, Rosemount from Welton Road to Parkhead Br, Kirklands path, several in the White Loch area, Cargill’s Way and the Loon Braes foot paths.


The weekly party had intended to finish the work started a month ago on the Cateran Trail back from the old bothy towards East Gormack. Despite spending more than the usual time on the job with seven volunteers working hard with strimmers, shears and loppers, a return visit will be necessary. In fact, the path down from East Gormack itself will require redoing, the warm wet weather has seen a lot of regrowth in the last month.

The party consisted of Ally Donald, Kristin Barrett, Richard Townsend, John Edwards, Phil Seymour, Eric Grant and Ian Richards.


The photo show three of the group after they had finished their work – from the LHS – Eric Grant, John Edwards and Kristin Barrett

Work undertaken WE 12th August 2017.

Bran has been busy as ever, continuing their efforts on keeping the footpath network clear of undergrowth.

Ally Donald continued his efforts cutting local paths with the mower. Ally noticed Local farmer, Bobby Strachan, had cut parts of the River Ericht path- A big thank you from BRAN!

On Friday, a group was out tidying up the side growth on the path from Millhorn Farm to Kitty Swanson’s Bridge and along the Erich path towards Rosemount. The party noted that the giant hogweed reported a little while ago had been sprayed and removed from the path side, thanks to PKC for this work.

The group photo shows (from the left): Carol McGregor, Dave and Helen Stanghon, Keith Reid, Cyril Reid, John Edwards and Ian Richards.