Pitlochry Path Group – mega tonnage task !

Pitlochry Path Network is a series of 9 way marked paths (41 miles) set up by Perth and Kinross Council in 1996, which was a huge extension to the Garry-Tummel Walk.  It was a very forward thinking project, which has been copied many a time elsewhere, providing easy access to communities and the countryside.  However, the conditions of the paths have deteriorated over time.  With local government financial constraints and a change in legislation these paths have been neglected. With the formation of the Pitlochry Path Group a number of these routes are being upgraded to former standards. One of the identified paths by the Pitlochry Path Group, all volunteers, has been the Moulin Path on a section locally known as the Auchnahyle Path.

With funding sourced from the Andie Millar’s Trust and Enchanted Forest Fund, the group set about to upgrade a very slippery 140m section of the path Network.  The works were split between that of a contractor requirement and a lot of hard work from volunteers.  In the end Barhaul were contracted to prepare the site by digging out a path tray. This was followed by three days work of building up the path. The volunteers worked two hour slots and were supported by the Pitlochry High Junior ranger Scheme and staff for a whole day.  The group were supported by two rangers, namely Jeannie Grant from the Highland area and Alistair McLeod from the Eastern area. Collectively they shifted a monster 31 tonnes of type one and 7 tonne of dust by hand in two and a half days! The path was kept open during the construction phase and volunteers received a number of gratitude comments and requests to sort out other sections!

As the path settles, off lets will need to be cut in at the edges.  Over time the vegetation will soften the edges of the path and hopefully remain a slippery free path.