Autumn Tree Ident Part 2 (answers)

here are the answers to ….

  1. Pinus sylvestris Image result for scots pine
  2. Aesclus hippocastanum Image result for horschestnut
  3. Betula Pendula Image result for silver birch leaves
  4. Quercous robur Image result for oak leaves
  5. Prunis avium Image result for prunis avium  leaves
  6. Cercidiphyllum japonicum Image result for  Cercidiphyllum japonicum leaves
  7. Labrunm anagyroides Image result for laburnum anagyroides leaves
  8. Ulmus groeneveld Image result for ulmus leaves
  9. Liriodendron Tulipifera Image result for liriodendron leaves
  10. Fagus sylvatica Image result for fagus sylvatica leaves

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