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Perthshire Society of Natural Science – Curious Mind Talks

Our newest Greenspace Ranger Joanna Dick joined our team from Culture Perth and Kinross on Monday 6th November and has been telling us about some of the great projects she was involved with in her last role.  We thought that the ‘Curious Minds’ talks may be of interest to our followers… (CG staff are certainly interested in attending).


‘Curious Minds’ is a collaborative project between PSNS and Culture Perth and Kinross.

‘Curious Minds’ is an eclectic series of talks by leading Scottish experts in their fields, exploring the theme of Contemporary Science in Scotland. Don’t expect PowerPoint slides stuffed with meaningless formulas and jargon – these experts have been invited along to explain their work in terms we can all understand.

Flyers for these can be viewed via the links at the bottom of this page.

Nov 10th Dr Liz Humphreys, British Trust for Ornithology How off-shore renewables impact seabirds” (Eventbrite tickets here)

Liz Humphreys studies the effect of wind farms on seabirds: the results are more complex than you might think.

Nov 24th Prof Niamh Nic Daeid, University of Dundee The cutting edge of forensic science(Eventbrite tickets here)

The Dundee group has become famous for reconstructing faces from fragments of bone. But Niamh will tell us about the serious business of modern forensic science in the fight against crime and terror.

Dec 8th Dr Christian Rutz, University of St Andrews Crows that use tools

Corvids are perhaps the most adept tool users in the animal World. Christian has developed novel methods to study the cleverest tool user of them all –the New Caledonian Crow.

CM Humphreys

CM Forensics

 CM Rutz

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