Latest news from BRAN!

On Saturday 21st October Bran joined forces with Blairgowrie & Rattray District Angling Association. This group of eight set about the job of clearing up the mess left by a group who had set up camp on the river bank opposite the Tesco Store a few weeks earlier. Over 20 bags of bottles and rubbish plus mattresses, beds, chairs and a bicycle had to be brought up the bank. The council are to be thanked for coordinating the removal of the collected rubbish as the volunteers completed their task. Those involved from the anglers were Grant Kelly, Dave Hogg and Jim Christie with Roger Mackey, Aly Donald, Eric Grant Brian Webster and Ian Richards from BRAN.

On the same day group members helped the Dirty Weekenders task at the Loon Braes, working in partnership with the students to successfully tidy the pond and surrounding area.

Picture below shows the rubbish moved from the riverbank and BRAN members enjoying a spot of lunch with the Dirty Weekenders.

On Saturday 27th, seven volunteers set about trimming back woody growth on the popular Gallowbank path from its junction with Newton Street through to Dunkeld Road. At the same time the grass was given its final cut of the year and nettles at the town end were strimmed.

Photo below showing the party on Saturday 27th.