The Future of the Loon Braes

Community Greenspace

Community Greenspace hosted a meeting on 24th January to discuss ideas and issues within the Loon Braes area in Rattray. The aim was to generate interest and present a number of case studies which could be applied to the area.

We are keen to work with the community to allow the area to reach its full potential and become an asset which PKC and the community can be proud of.

Eight representatives from key groups within Blairgowrie and Rattray attended the meeting. We enjoyed chatting about the past history and was great to hear the enthusiasm from within the community. We are now producing a plan for the area and are aware of the desire from the community to see these plans come to fruition.



Some ideas from the meeting!


It is hoped we can update on plans at the next Blairgowrie community market. Should you wish to become involved in a steering group for the area? Please contact me at


Loon Braes pond – great for wildlife and people love it too!