Recycling and Management Plans

During the schools half term, The Abernethy Trust – Ardeonaig centre hosted another residential week for Duke of Edinburgh Gold participants.   With Community Greenspace having a never ending management of beech trees in the Birks of Aberfeldy it was good to host this group for a day in far from ideal conditions! In their own words find out more about their day and how the beech was recycled….

Conservation Volunteering at the Birks of Aberfeldy

During our day at the Birks, we spent the majority of the time removing non-native species such as beech. It was interesting to learn about the impact the beeches were having on the other trees in the area; the beech is invasive and outcompetes with native species for light and soil nutrients. Therefore, it was important to remove them. We did this using a variety of tools. Our favourite tool was, of course, the ‘tree popper’, as there was a sense of satisfaction in removing the whole tree – root and all. Moreover, we were able to conserve the beech as part of our John Muir Award. We took the removed beech back to the centre at Ardeonaig and replanted them to make a hedge. This was gratifying as we felt we were making use of the beech’s ability to grow quickly in a hedge. Additionally, it allowed us to see how recycling is important in order to live a sustainable life. That day, we also planted willow and de-weeded the willow wigwam. Indeed, this was deeply satisfying as we were able to make a wild and slightly overgrown area tidy and more controlled. Despite the blizzard and the acrimonious winds, we thoroughly enjoyed the conservation.

Leo, Abbie, Sarah, Tom, Tom, Tammy, Calum, Megan & Amo

Abernethy Ardeonaig DofE Gold Residential (Environment & Conservation) Team

February 2018