Knock of Crieff Management Plan Walk and Talk

Top panoRecently PKC have been producing a draft management plan for the Knock of Crieff.

This management plan will be looking at the infrastructure across the site and how we can improve it for the local community.

We will also integrate the Forest Plan within the new Management Plan.  Interested parties were invited directly and the walk was advertised in the local area.

The walk and talk was a success with several groups group 1represented and able to give their opinions and comments on the draft proposals which are now being fed in to create a second draft which will go to wider online consultation in the coming weeks.

We talked about items such as proposals for improving the two car parks, inclusion of an all abilities path, improving the views from the summit of the knock and providing some more informal seating around the site.

Thank you to those who came along to our walk and talk your input has been invaluable!




1 thought on “Knock of Crieff Management Plan Walk and Talk

  1. There is already enough informal seating around the knock. Currently the second summit is having its lovely fir tree forest clad top ripped open by loggers, no doubt opening up the lovely secluded path that runs along the spine of the hill. This will only serve to allow mixed tree woodlands to be planted which are incidentally currently being vastly overplanted in the area. This overplanting can be seen all round the knock – and is turning this once lovely area into a shabby mess. The whole point of the knock was to allow a rough yet accessible area of seclusion for walkers and dogs with the track running around the base to serve the hydro horses and other forms of leisure interests. Now we are looking at opening up the hill itself which will only help to lose its identity. It is already too late ofcourse, with the assumed loss of the lovely pine forest on the right hand summit. A once dearly loved place is fast becoming another shabby and unibtersting shambles of a space.


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