300 Wildflowers In, 13 Bags of Litter out


Perth High School enjoyed a day glorious sunshine at St Magdalene’s Hill last week planting 300 wildflower plants to create a wildflower meadow for bees and butterflies. A mix of yellow rattle, ox eye daisy and birds foot trefoil were kindly donated by the Tay Landscape Partnership and will add a riot of colour to the open grass area.

After lunch, we walked to the top of the hill litter picking as we went. A lot of litter was found at the summit and we filled 13 full bags of drinks bottles, cans and BBQ leftovers.

Photo of Perth High School

In this prolonged dry weather, all of Scotland is at a high fire risk. A campfire, disposable BBQ or even a discarded cigarette could cause a wildfire that can destroy trees and kill ground nesting birds and their chicks. Do not light open fires near woodland during high fire risk times. If camping, please follow the Outdoor Access Code – https://www.outdooraccess-scotland.scot/Practical-guide/public/Lighting-fires

Thank you to the hard working Perth High students and thank you to volunteers and walkers who regularly remove litter from St Magdalene’s Hill so it is enjoyable for all.