Easy Butterfly Surveys

This glorious weather has brought the butterflies out and what a beautiful sight it is.  We  recently joined Anthony McCluskey from Butterfly Conservation Scotland for a fascinating insight into butterflies.

Did you know only the male orange-tip butterflies have the bright orange tipped wings? Both have the beautiful green patterns on the underside of their wings.

butterfly 2

We visited the North Inch to see the wildflower meadows while Anthony explained how simple it is to record urban butterflies. You choose an urban Greenspace, visit it three times through the spring and summer and report your findings to Butterfly Conservation Scotland using your smart phone or the website. All you need is a sunny day, a simple id guide and a picnic!butterfly one

If you would like to record butterflies as part of the Urban Butterfly Survey, visit the iRecord website – https://www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/join/urban-butterfly-survey

There are lots of events happening in the Butterfly Conservation Scotland East Branch area this summer, and you can see them all here; https://butterfly-conservation.org/244/events.html?uf_Class=EastScotland

You can also help by planting pollinator friendly plants and herbs in your garden or window boxes.