BRAN – Cuttle Burn Steps Project

Work party report WE 2nd June 2018

Ally Donald was once and again out and about with the mower keeping our path network in good order during weekday evenings, the current run of dry weather has slowed down the growth a bit but the grass & weeds still need attention.

2018_02_06 Cuttle Burn work 2nd day IMG_4810rs

The long planned Cuttle Burn Steps project has now been actioned with work starting at 3.00pm on Friday 1st, a group of very hard-working volunteers working well into the evening. The same group minus one were again toiling in the heat early on the morning of the 2nd. By the early afternoon the majority of the work had been completed, the only remaining job being to install a hand rail on the new section of steps.

For anyone who is familiar with the Cuttle Burn Steps the section beneath the top flight of steps becomes hazardous in wet or icy conditions. The new stepped section of over 20mtrs now allows walkers to negotiate the section in safety and has completely eliminated the slippery part.

The path that takes walkers along the gorge from the Oakbank Road to Lornty Road is a lovely short walk and also acts a short cut from the top of town down to the riverside. Already very popular, BRAN now hopes that even more people will be encouraged to use it.

The BRAN team consisted of Kristin Barrett, Nina Bell, Grahame Mustard, Ally Donald and Bob Ellis on both days with Roger Mackey on the first day. Conditions underfoot couldn’t have been better but the heat and humidity was energy sapping. The five did a great job!  2018_01_06 Cuttle Burn work 1st evening IMG_4809rs

More projects are planned on the Knockie and on a near section of the Cateran Trail at East Gormack

Although BRAN is very well supported by its volunteer group it will always welcome new folk, if you are interested in helping please contact the secretary, Ian Richards., 01250 871122 0r 07787 317022