Community Spirit

American Students

Exchange students from America worked hard clearing and opening up a path at St Magdalene’s Hill earlier this month. Scott Tominey from the Evangelist Church of Christ, Scotland contacted the Greenspace Rangers and offered the students time to help with a task. The weather this year certainly made the task all the more enjoyable, last year was torrential rain, this year beautiful blue skies. Always nice to see the difference made at the end of a mornings work. Well done guys.

1 thought on “Community Spirit

  1. Enjoyed our lovely walk at ” Lady Mary’s Walk ” today 17 /07 /2018 Just for your information if you are unaware The dreaded Japanese Knotweed is starting to establish itself on the banks of the River Earn . Sure you are aware once established this weed can take over large areas . This is not a criticism but will if established be very difficult to eradicate . Thank you for maintaining such a beautiful walk enjoyed by so many .


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