South Inch Pond Clean Up

We reported that our adult swan and two cygnets had opted to move to the Tay last week see: South Inch Swan Update, since then we have had no more than a light rain shower.

We took the opportunity while the pond water is low to get in and clean out any exposed litter.  We were shocked at the amount of plastic, glass and sweetie wrappers that were embedded in the mud.  We would like to take the opportunity to ask that visitors to the park please use the litter bins provided.

Pond Clean Blog Pic

While we were there we were delighted to see that there were plenty of coot, moorhen, ducks and gulls who all seemed happy splashing and swimming in the cool waters in the middle.   You can help the birds by feeding the birds oats, sweetcorn, any bird seed mixes and grapes! Please avoid feeding them bread.