A Makeover for St Magdalene’s Hill

The summit of St Magdalene’s Hill offers beautiful views across the South Inch, Kinnoull Hill and the River Tay but recently it has become overgrown with gorse and broom leaving just a small circle at the top.

Six Circle, a group based in Perth rolled up their sleeves yesterday and cut back a huge amount of gorse and broom opening up the paths and creating a view across to Hilton Wood. Underneath the thick scrub we discovered young birch trees, an oak sapling and small plants that can now grow without the shade of the larger plants.

6 2.jpg

Fuelled by Boost chocolate bars, the group also collected five full bags of litter, a golf ball, a football, lip gloss, sunglasses plus a keg of cider (unfortunately empty). This work is part of work by various volunteer groups to clear gorse and broom from St Magdalene’s Hill to create more open space for bees and butterflies and improve views for people enjoying the site.

6 1

Green Routes to Wellbeing volunteers cleared scrub from the bench and picnic tables on the main path to open up beautiful views across Perth.


If you would like to help us with the makeover of St Magdalene’s Hill, please email JoannaDick@pkc.gov.uk