Making a Meadow at St Mags Part 2

This spring 1,200 wildflower plants were planted on St Magdalene’s Hill to create a wildflower meadow to provide nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies. The plants were kindly donated by the Tay Landscape Partnership and were planted by Perth Brownies, Beavers and Perth High School. Despite the summer drought a good number of plants survived and added beautiful colour to the grassland.

A group from Perth High School who planted the flowers completed the next step by raking off the cut grass to prevent excess nutrients and allow the young plants to push up next spring. The grass was raked onto large tarpaulins and then piled under trees and broom bushes.




After hot chocolate and biscuits, the group finished by litter picking the main path to the summit and back to the car park.


A big thanks to Perth High School for their help. There is still grass to be raked off so we will be back shortly to finish the job.