Take the lead – responsible dog walking

With so many people stuck at home and taking their daily exercise as locally as possible many paths are seeing more foot traffic than usual. If heading out on a walk please remember to take away or dispose of any litter and to pick up after your dog. Check the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for advice on walking responsibly.

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At this time of year lambing is also well underway, so it is particularly important to keep dogs under close control where there may be livestock. Dogs can cause unnecessary worry that may contribute to the premature death of sheep as well as any unborn lambs. If you need to go into a field of sheep, keep your dog on a short lead or close at heel and keep your distance from the animals.

In the video below Bob Barr and Kate Hall share there experiences of dogs worrying sheep in the Lothians.


2 thoughts on “Take the lead – responsible dog walking

  1. Why are you not insisting that if people can walk / walk their dogs from their house they should be? Instead no direct rules means that people are coming from miles around to walk their dogs in Glendevon and the Dunning Glen. For those of us who live here it’s like the Wild West !!!! Specific Rules re this need published not only to safeguard the people , dogs from unknown dogs , reduce the possibility of incidents on the roads, or incidents in remote areas where there is little or no phone signal


    • Good morning Jane,
      You are correct that people should be walking from their house rather than taking their car elsewhere. This advice is included in the poster at the top of this post.
      Best regards, Calum


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