April 2019 Funding Alert

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April pig

Of particular note is that the Common Good Fund applications close on Friday 3 May 2019.

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SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Spring is on its way so this is a great time to head out and explore your local natural areas. If you’re heading out on a family walk remember to check the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for advice on exploring responsibly.

Find out more: www.jessthedog.co.uk

In the video below Bob Barr and Kate Hall share there experiences of dogs worrying sheep in the Lothians.


SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Have you heard SNH’s recent radio ads about walks with your dog? Listen out for  messages about keeping everyone safe when taking your pet out in the countryside this springtime.

Find out more: www.jessthedog.co.uk

In the video below Kenneth Bone shares his experiences of dogs worrying his sheep at his farm on the Isle of Arran


SNH Scottish Outdoor Access Code #TaketheLead

Love a family dog walk? Us too! But at this time of year there are  added hazards to wanders in the local countryside.

Remember to keep dogs out of fields with young animals and always to heel to keep livestock and pets safe this spring.

Find out more: www.jessthedog.co.uk

In the video below Alister Orr shares his experiences of dogs worrying his sheep at his farm in East Ayrshire




International Women’s Day 2019

Women make up 43% of the staff in Community Greenspace. We represent Greenspace Rangers, Nursery Managers, Chargehands, Coordinators, Project Officers, Team Leaders, Landscape Architects and Policy Officers.

Today we have been celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 by taking stock of how we feel about our roles in the team and what inspires us to do the jobs we do. We have reflected on…

 What International Women’s Day means to us:

A world platform which publicise the achievements and inequalities of women in the past and in today’s society

A  chance to highlight issues of concern to women and celebrate being a women.

Reflecting on being a mother to two amazing young women and how much my own mum and grandmother influenced me.

What it means to be a women working in this sector:

I have never considered it either an advantage or disadvantage, I enjoy working with male and female colleagues equally.

In the 40 years I have been in this sector I have witnessed a significant step forward in equality  for women.  Although there is still a long way to go before the scales are balanced.

I feel proud to be succeeding in this sector, I have faced sexism in previous roles, but not with PKC.  I truly feel that I am valued as a person and employee.

Which women inspire us (locally and global):

A local woman Janet Porter (nee Stephen) from New Alyth.  Single working mums is not a new thing this has been going on for a long time. This women went to work in Edinburgh in the late 1830’s this was the only way she could provide for her family. She was a pioneer of her time working closely with James Syme, Joseph Lister and Florence Nightingale and like so many women she is forgotten in the mist of time due to gender and class. (W E Henley wrote a poem about her ‘Nurse Old Style’)

I am always very impressed by people who work hard for their community as volunteers and have noticed that some people take on many roles and are good at them all. I can think of several people in my own community who have played a variety of really useful roles representing others and making the community better over long periods of time and continue to do so. I have noticed that it’s the busiest people who go the extra mile to help others and they are really impressive.

My mum.  A survivor, a champion and a brilliant role model.  My mum taught me not to be afraid to get muddy and that I should travel, explore and crucially enjoy my journey through life.























WE ARE RECRUITING – Would you like to be a greenspace ranger?


PKC are seeking two Greenspace Rangers to join the Community Greenspace Team.

Greenspace Ranger, Crieff. Permanent / Full Time (36hrs)


Greenspace Ranger, Perth. Permanent / Part Time (28.8hrs)

The Ranger role is to increase the use of greenspaces and countryside sites by the people of Perth and Kinross and our many visitors; encouraging people to spend more time in greenspaces enjoying the mental and physical benefits that this brings. Greenspace Rangers also support and promote a variety of opportunities for community involvement in the management of these sites.

Follow the links above for more information and to apply.


Shaky Bridge – tree

Update:  11th Feb 2019

The canopy of the tree that the Shaky Bridge goes through will be removed in its entirety in the coming week (11th Feb). Preliminary works were carried out last week, with the remainder of the canopy scheduled to be removed (weather permitting) from Tuesday.

The decision to remove the canopy from the tree has been openly discussed and has the approval of the local community (via community council and development trust) and both landowners.

The rational for the removal of the canopy is the extensive rot in the limbs and the base of the tree present a real risk that the tree will fail, causing significant damage to the shaky bridge. Community Greenspace are working with the community council to secure funding to retain the bridge *and its shaky character, for generations to come.

It is important to note that the works will take place without formally closing the bridge, however if the area is roped off, path users are asked to prevent from accessing the site until advised by our contractor that it is safe to do so (no more than a few minutes).

Please contact Perth and Kinross Council, Community Greenspace if you require further information.


01738 475000

Evaluation Training

Not just a story

For Perth and Kinross Council

This workshop will take place over two half days

Learning outcomes

Do you need help evaluating your community project? If the answer is “Yes”  then why not come along to one of our FREE training sessions?

We would be delighted to invite you to take part in some free training to support the process of evaluating your community project. On this training you will learn to develop ways to gather evidence and evaluate a funded project. This, in turn, will enable you to clearly demonstrate the positive impact your group has on people’s life experiences. This kind of evaluation process can lead to improved collection of evidence to support future funding applications.

Evaluation Support Scotland will be running two free workshops over 2 half-days at:

Mid-Atholl Hall, Ballinluig on Monday 18th Feb and 4th March from 1-4pm. Attendance at both sessions will be essential.


Bankfoot Church Centre on Monday 25th Feb and 11th March from 1-4pm. Attendance at both sessions will be essential.

This workshop will focus on 4 key areas of evaluation:

  • Review how you currently hear, record and use people’s experiences
  • Use simple methods to collect and record and analyse people’s experiences
  • Understand the difference between experiences and case studies
  • Explain why and how peoples’ experiences and more qualitative feedback can be used in monitoring & evaluation

See programme for more detail. Not just a story2 programme

As spaces on the workshops are limited to 14, this training is being run on a first come first served basis. If you would like to book a FREE space on this training, please email us on DunkeldComlearn@pkc.gov.uk