Riverside Explorer Scouts


The Riverside Explorer Scouts came along to help the Greenspace Rangers clear paths around the McDuff’s Monument, it should be easier to climb and explore around the monument now that the gorse has been cut back. Great job Scouts!

PKC Community Greenspace| working together to maintain, improve and support our shared green spaces for all to enjoy.


Community Spirit

American Students

Exchange students from America worked hard clearing and opening up a path at St Magdalene’s Hill earlier this month. Scott Tominey from the Evangelist Church of Christ, Scotland contacted the Greenspace Rangers and offered the students time to help with a task. The weather this year certainly made the task all the more enjoyable, last year was torrential rain, this year beautiful blue skies. Always nice to see the difference made at the end of a mornings work. Well done guys.

4. VOLUNTEERING FOR ALL – Woodland Activity Sessions. Living with Dementia

Our woodland activity sessions are for people with early-stage dementia who are able to attend safely on their own or accompanied by someone to support them who want to take part in an innovative, exciting and fun ranger-led woodland activities.20180419_113928


During the 10 week programme, our small group and have the opportunity to try many different activities including:

  • Woodland walks and scavenger hunts
  • Creating habitats
  • Removing invasive species
  • Bushcraft
  • Fire lighting and woodland cooking
  • Environmental art
  • Photography and creating art from the woodland floor
  • Tree and bird identification

At the end of each session we create a new page in our memory book, have a look below at what we did in week 3!


20180517_120124Our woodland sessions would not be possible without assistance from our dedicated volunteers.

Our current programme ends on the 14th June 2018. This has been a great success and we are likely to repeat the in the future.

If you are interested in coming along, or volunteering at our remaining, or future sessions please contact us.

When you tweet… please tag! #volunteersweek #PKCGreenVolunteers


Final instalment (for now) of doggie tails in MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A Tail by ViVi Dog

There is a little lady whom I meet regularly, she is a neat little Westie by name of Milly.  She is a nice little soul who always has time for me.

Only, she does so love the sound of her own voice.  Frequently I can hear her before I see her.  In a way this is good because I recognise her bark immediately and know that I will be meeting up with her.   She lives near the park and sometimes I am sure I can hear her barking as soon as she leaves her house to make her way down the path to the park.

She mostly walks with her mum although sometimes her dad is there too.  When the humans stand and chat this is alright with us canines as it gives us the opportunity of sniffing about.  Other times we will all walk together and meet with our friends. If we stand too long Milly gets impatient and barks to tell the humans to move on, or maybe it is just her way of getting a treat.  She is one of those – the canines who use emotional blackmail on their humans to get regular treats.  Me, I don’t go down this route.  I don’t like treats and indeed turn up my nose when offered one, maybe a bit rude of me but I don’t appreciate them the way Milly does.

Milly used to have a friend who lived with her but sadly she is no more.  Milly does miss her so.  Sometimes I think I can see a sad expression on her face as she looks around the park to see if Sophie is there.  Sophie was another Westie, not as loud as Milly but very friendly.  I don’t like when a dog goes missing from our group of friends, but this does happen from time to time.

Even though Milly likes making a noise she is not fond of noises she does not understand.  I have seen her stop and look about if she hears a loud bang like a bird scarer going off, or someone shooting pigeons. In this she has my sympathy, I don’t like bangs either.  Her mum says that if she hears them when she is at home she quivers and shakes.  Her companion Sophie used to take herself off to the shower cabinet and stayed in there till the banging stopped.  Recently we had a human sort of celebration where lots of fireworks go off.  Poor Milly, she must have been frightened with so many bangs near her.  I don’t live anywhere near people who set off fireworks so I was ok on that occasion but I do have first-hand knowledge of bird scarers, horrible things.  Why don’t the farmers just get the quiet kind of scarers, something like a straw scarecrow?

There are times when I meet Milly she is proud as punch.  Her coat is very white, soft and sort of fluffy.  She tells me she has had a shower.  A shower! No way.  I run and hide when I think that is going to happen, but not Milly.  A shower and having her hair dried is one of her favourite activities, that and getting treats and being heard all over the park.

As I say, a lovely little lady but maybe her mum should find the volume button and turn her down a little bit.  Just a thought but then if this is what makes her happy so be it.

A Jewel of a Dog by Mina Moffat. MacRosty Park, Crieff doggie tails


A Tail by ViVi Dog

Of all my canine park friends there is one whom I admire greatly.  She is a beautiful black Labrador, shiny coat, bright soft eyes and a nice wet nose.  However, that is not why I admire her, although that could be a good enough reason as I am a bit shaggy, drop white hairs everywhere and drool something terrible.

This jewel is Gem, very aptly named although from what her human says Gem is not named for a jewel, it is short for Gemini.  On checking Gemini Zodiac characteristics the only one I could find which suits her is ‘you are happy and energetic’ and she certainly is both of these.  No matter what the reason for her name it suits her perfectly.

She is the most even tempered dog I have ever met.  She is sweet and friendly to everyone, dogs and humans.  The only time I have noticed she seeks attention is if I go to her human for a cuddle and she is left standing feeling somewhat shut out.  That mostly happens when my dad is with us, not sure if I am showing off that her human is a particular friend of mine or not, but she does look miffed.  When dad sees this he makes a big fuss of her and all is well.

Being a true Labrador she loves the water and when I first knew her, her human would let her off the lead so she could go into the river or the mill lade which runs through the park. However this has had to stop, not sure why. Maybe because she was enjoying if too much.  Now when she comes to the park she has a long play chasing a ball and generally running about enjoying herself.  Then she is back on the lead for a sedate walk round the park where the river and lade are, this way she knows she cannot indulge in water play.

I really don’t understand all this enthusiasm for water. Quite a number of the park dogs love either the river or the lade.  To me water is for drinking or at a push in the summer when it is hot to paddle in to cool my paws.  In the winter what a thought, immersing my body in all that cold water.

There is another thing I particularly like about Gem and that is, like me, she does not look for treats.  I don’t think I know any other park dog which has this disdain for these little indulgences.  Surely if you get a good meal of suitable dog food, dry biscuits and chicken for me, not sure what Gem’s favourite is, you will not need to be constantly grazing on treats.

You see, Gem is a working dog.  One of those very clever canines who is chosen for special training and work.  She is a Canine Partner to her human.  She chose him!  At the training centre all the trained dogs and humans who are to be paired with a partner would meet in a room.

She tells me she immediately spotted the human she wanted to be a partner to, went to him to show that she wanted to choose him and now nothing will part her from him.  I hope he feels the same about her but I truly think he does, you can see this in the way they look at each other.

Doggie tails in MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A Tail by the ASBO Kids

We think it is about time that we had our say.  We are two perfect little dogs.  Perfectly turned out on all occasions. But we do have a problem.

One of our friends whom we meet almost every day on our walks in the park is a lovely big boy.  In fact he is gorgeous to look at, that is if you like taller dogs. Although as Lhasa Apsos we have to say we do not really appreciate height as being an attractive feature. He does have a very attractive coat, white with black streaky spots, and black ears. Sometimes we think he plays on his appearance. But he has a problem!  He drools!  Yuk………  And this then becomes our problem.

How do we tell him that this is totally unattractive?  No way is a slevery mouth in any way attractive. Why does he do this?  Not being a boy, just a cute little lady, I do not understand this so I asked Aslam, by brother, if he understood it but he too is ignorant in the matter.  So we asked Ziggy our Spaniel friend who seems to know everything. He told us it was a male dog do thing.  OK, we have checked out the drooly dog but as he does not have his man bits so how can that be.  Where do we go from here is the question?

The obvious answer is for us to avoid being in close contact with him but that is difficult as we meet him often. For example we met him today and there were drools about three inches long hanging from his chops – mouth for those uninitiated in dog slang – this was too gross.  Mum was near to having a fit at the idea that he would release this drools on our immaculate coats or indeed on her neat black skirt, so his mum went to wipe his chops with a bundle of leaves from the ground.  Gross again……. too much for us to witness.

We watched him as his mum was approaching with the handful of leaves, as did our mum.  Oh lordy, before she got to his chops he shook his head.  The drools went everywhere – thankfully not on our coats and even more thankfully not near our mum’s lovely black skirt. Where would we have looked had that happened?  And where would the slevery dog have looked – not as if he cared, he was just glad to have got rid of these long drools.  A few minutes later he was drooling again like a crazy creature and he did not seem to even notice, though mind you these were only little bubbly slevers at this stage.

We did notice however that when he got back to his car and jumped into his space he got his chops wiped with a special towel.  He appeared not to like this but we secretly smiled to ourselves.

Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, that a towel should go with him on his walks and he then gets his chops wiped as he goes.  Just two little dogs’ thoughts.

Another doggie tail from MacRosty Park, Crieff by Mina Moffat


A tail by the ASBO Kids

We are two little top class dogs and do not deserve this title but we will get to that later.  We are Lhaso Apsos which anyone knows are a breed apart from your common breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels or Westies – and believe us, we know this.  We have friends of these types and we know our worth.

In keeping with our upper class image we have unusual names – for dogs that is.  We are Lani and Aslam.  One little cute girl and an even cuter boy.  We go everywhere together, well that is we go everywhere together with our human – we think of her as our mum.

We are not spoiled – oh no, not us.  We just know what we deserve in this life.  Coloured collars to suit our gender, pink for a little girl, blue for a boy.  Different coloured leads and we are hopeful of being kitted out with the latest fashion of winter coats ready for the cold days ahead.  You see we are clever little creatures, we know about the seasons of the year and the next one coming up is winter.  Wind, rain and snow.  However we do not want boots, no way they would not sit well with our image.  Imagine us in canine equivalent of wellington boots – no way.  As for beds, we have beds strategically position throughout our home to suit our preferences. For travelling we have two very comfortable beds in the boot of the car, we can snuggle down in these for long journeys.  We do deserve the best after all.

We are groomed regularly by mum and this is nice, warm baths too but what we like best is when our big sister gives us a haircut.  Then we really walk tall and proud, well as tall as Lhaso Apsos can.

We are taken for our morning walk to the park where we parade round with mum.  We can be noisy at times but this is sometimes deliberate as we know we get a titbit to silence us.  Also when we perform, as dogs do when in the park, after mum picks up our doings we get another treat.  Aslam can be quite naughty when on this walk, he just refuses to go any further – demanding a treat and he will walk on for a little then repeat the action.  We can get through quite a lot of treats this way.  Also we know quite a few other dogs and their humans and can put on a poor little me look and get treats from them too.  Yes, the park is good to walk in.

Now for the ASBOs.  Well not real ASBOs such a humans get but we have a not very nice person near us who seemingly does not like us and certainly does not appreciate out method of communication which is, of course, barking.  He complained to mum about us and said he would report us.  What this means we are not sure but mum was not at all happy so now we have to behave a little bit better and not bark as much when out in the garden, or even walking outside out gate. Not fair at all.

Mum told other humans in the park about this and everyone thought it funny, that is everyone except mum.  There is one human who likes to tease us by calling us the ASBO Kids but we will sort him out one of these days!


Mina Moffats doggie tails from MacRosty Park, Crieff


A tail by ViVi Dog

When I go walking in the local park I meet up with lots of dogs and this I like.  Some of them are mere acquaintances but others have become friends. I could name them for you but won’t bore you with a bundle of names just now.  Only Ziggy will I name as he is something else. I think I can truthfully say he is one of the most popular dogs in the park.  He speaks to everyone and treats everyone the same, dogs and humans alike.

He is a very fit and agile Spaniel, his coat is mostly white but he has some nicely placed brown markings. He is one of the most obedient and well behaved dogs I know.  He comes with his master and it is obvious that he is devoted to him.  Dog to master, and master to dog. However I do remember when he was a pup and then as a young dog he was a little bit mischievous and at times naughty, especially I recall his master saying about him taking the children’s toys in the house. Even I know that is a no-no.

He started off walking in the part with a lead so that he learned how to behave in public and to socialise with other dogs and their humans.  Now he never has a lead – he runs about free, as I do most of the time, he wanders quite a distance away from his master but always has an eye open for where he is and comes running back to him. Occasionally he will go into the car park but his master whistles him back and he comes immediately.

The only time I have seen his master get a bit cross with him is when he finds a ball to play with.  He finds lost balls all the time and demands that the latest ball is thrown for him.  He can be quite demanding, expecting the ball to be thrown for him.  His master gets a bit fed up with this and puts the ball into a thankfully clean poo bag and puts it in his pocket.  Ziggy does not like this and makes a nuisance of himself, then and only then does his master seem cross with him and ticks him off – I would describe the ticking off like being beaten with a feather.  They have such a close bond.

One really good thing about Ziggy is that he does not always look for treats the way some of the dogs do.  I like this in him as I am not one for treats.  Too many of them are not good for you and like Ziggy I want to keep fit and not get fat.

Another good point about Ziggy is that he is great fun to be with.  If he is in the park first as soon as I see him I run over to him and we wander about, sometimes together other times just round about the humans who are always stopping to talk.  Mind you that is no bad thing for us dogs, it gives us more time to ourselves.


A doggie tail

MacRosty Park, Crieff is a haven for dog walkers; it has many regulars that come daily.  I have had the privilege of meeting a few of them while working in the park and I have enjoyed listening to their many tales.  One of the ladies that I have met has written a few short stories which I think you will enjoy.  These will be published in the next few days.