Community Path Group Development Guide

The Perth and Kinross area boasts spectacular scenery across a 2,000 square mile area and offers fantastic walking and cycling opportunities.  There is a growing network of volunteer paths groups across Perth and Kinross engaged in practical work to keep paths in their own areas open with the support of Community Greenspace.Booklet front cover.PNG

In 2018 PKC launched the Community Path Group Development Guide which contains guidance, information, contact details and links to further information. The booklet aims to support appropriate and effective community-led action on paths in the Perth and Kinross area.   Our intention is that this booklet appeals to those who are establishing a new path group and to those who are already active with their local community path group.

It is important to note that community needs, expectations and capacity vary greatly; groups will develop at their own pace.  Our booklet is not a blueprint providing all the information you and your group will ever need; therefore we encourage you to adapt the advice provided to suit your location and to make use of the links and contacts supplied for additional support.

Community Greenspace may be able to help support you by providing your group with a small grant (£500) which can be used to help fund tools, materials and even fuel for power tools.  We can also provide training on the use of tools, arrange insurance cover and give a wide range of advice in getting started – this booklet explains how.

Download your copy here: community path group development guide