Whether your volunteering or walking, we all share a love for our community greenspaces.

Do you know of a woodland or countryside task needing done in your area?  Would you like to become more involved in taking care of your local environment?  If so, you might like to get together with your local community to form a group which would meet up to carry out improvements.  If there is enthusiasm and an active group willing to take forward a project, we have tools to support you. Please contact one of the Greenspace Rangers at

Click here to share your stories

Have you had a great experience recently, or maybe you have a story about a walk you took yesterday? Whether big or small, tell us your story and share it with everyone here.

Read about others’ experiences here

If you’d like to know what other people have been getting up to in greenspaces across Perth & Kinross, take a look here!


Everyone loves to see a good photo. Here are some of your pics of your favourite walks, wildlife snaps and hard volunteering work! (Please submit more on the share page!)

Find out about the Rangers here

The rangers are important for maintaining many of our greenspaces. Find out more about what they do here, and don’t forget to say hi if you see them out there!

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