Consultation on PKC Greenspace

April 2018 

The Knock of Crieff.  Consultation on Draft Management Plan 

The Knock of Crieff is one of the Council’s most popular outdoor attractions for local residents and for bringing visitors to the area.  Used by walkers, runners, cyclists and organised groups, the woodlands on the Knock are a key part of the site and therefore require a management plan in order to protect species/improve access/maintain existing paths and furniture and encourage use.

A draft management plan has been produced and we invite your views in order that we may provide a welcoming and attractive recreational ‘countryside’ site for the maximum range of visitors to use and enjoy.

Particular attention should be paid to the proposals for:

  • Path Improvements
  • Furniture and viewpoint
  • Upper and lower car park sketches
  • Woodland management

Click here to download the draft management plan

  • Responses sought  11.04.2018 – 02.05.2018
  • Paper copy of the management plan can be requested by contacting Community Greenspace Policy and Projects 01738 475000
  • Feedback is welcome from all users and non-users of the Knock of Crieff, please submit within the time frame given above to ensure your voice is heard. 
  • Feedback can be provided;  
    • via email to
    • verbally by calling 01738 475000 and requesting to speak with Policy and Projects Team relating to Knock of Crieff Management Plan 
    • Using the form below