Perth Lade


Perth Lade is an ongoing project that we are working with a number of volunteers on.

Please see below information on what has been done so far, what the future plans are and what set-backs that have been faced.

What we have done so far

  • Carried out tree works along the lade this has dealt with removal of dangerous trees and self-seeders and the cutting back of branches that is effecting the street lighting, any works that we have carried out all debris is removed from site.
  • Worked with the City of Perth Early Childhood Centre on a no littering/dog fouling campaign, the posters have been going up along the ladeside and also we carried out planting of a bed at Rae Place, Perth
  • There has been vegetation clearance and litter clearance carried out in the lade itself on a number of different areas, the vegetation clearance included the removal of some self-seeders and cutting of reeds (SEPA and the bio diversity officer were kept up-to-date with any cutting we carried out)
  • The fencing running along some parts of the lade has been replaced and repaired where required.
  • Planted bulbs with Tulloch Bloom Lade in the Tulloch area which will bring year on year colour to the area.
  • Tulloch Blooming lade carry out a number of litter picks up in the Tulloch area – they do have a facebook page set up so you can view some of their work.
  • We have supplied groups with litter picks and gardening tools when this has been requested.
  • Community payback dealing with graffiti removal and painting railings
  • Community Greenspace carried out a Lade Action Day on the 26 October 2017 with Balfour Beatty, Council’s Operations team and community volunteers that dealt with vegetation removal from pathways and litter pick a large area, we removal a number of vehicles loads of waste.

Future Plans

  • Tulloch School and myself will be working on a project regarding improving the lade and its history etc  for the Tulloch area this will start after the school summer holidays.
  • Continue with Community Action Days (covering different areas of the lade)
  • Meet with the dog control officers to discuss the dog fouling issues we have running along the ladeside
  • Continue to work on the reduction of littering in and around the lade area


As confirmed above we have carried additional litter clearance out on a number of different areas along and in the lade, within an 6-8   week period some of the areas were as bad as they were before we started

  • We have suffered vandalism on our fencing, requiring areas to be re-done
  • The bed that was planted with the pre-school was destroyed
  • Graffiti is an ongoing problem

Our Operations team and the Community volunteers do a great job and we are meeting setbacks with the litter/fly-tipping issues but we are committed to working on this within the resources we have available.  If you do witness anyone fly-tipping and are able to get any details this can be reported to Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).