PKC Community Greenspace

The Community Greenspace Team is divided into 3 sections: Communities, Policy & Projects and Infrastructure

  • The Communities Team promotes the use of our sites, and advises on their use. It supports volunteers and consults with communities.
  • The Policy and Projects Team designs and project manages improvements to parks and streets. It develops policy so that what we do stands the test of time
  • The Infrastructure Team maintains and repairs open spaces and a wide range of things in them: paths to play equipment, bridges to benches, flowers to fences – to name but a few.

This Blog is hosted by the Communities Team, we are made up of:

  • Senior Greenspace Officer
  • 2 x Area Greenspace Coordinators
  • 5 x Greenspace Rangers
  • Environmental Initiatives Officer
  • Modern Apprentice
  • Parks Events Officer
  • Golf Course Officer
  • 3 x Golf Course Operatives

You can contact us regarding this Blog, or anything that we do via