International Ranger Day 31 July 2019

31st July, International Ranger Day – the thin green line

‘Ranger’ is a job title used all over the world; with every Ranger role unique. Some bear arms to protect wildlife, forests and crops, other clean toilets and litter pick. There are also those, such as the PKC Greenspace Rangers whose remit is to bring people into Greenspaces and the wider Countryside.

In Scotland the Ranger job is thankfully not considered dangerous and we are incredibly luck that it often takes us to beautiful and wild places.  However one of our roles is to educate people who are accessing greenspaces irresponsibly (as defined in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code) or doing illegal activities.  These situations can be scary, especially when working alone and dealing with people with axes, chainsaws or dogs that have no collar or leads and are chasing the local wildlife.

In PKC we are lucky to have a robust lone working system and training to help us deal with difficult situations.  We acknowledge that those who share our title around the  world may not have such systems or techniques available to them.

On the last day of July every year  Rangers throughout the world honour and remember those who put their lives at risk every day to protect our planet and we take time to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty.  Behind every fallen Ranger there is a wider community affected by the loss of life and they too suffer.  So, today (31st July) we unite to remember those whom have fallen and their wider communities, we thank them for all they do.




Autumn Tree Ident Part 1

My name is Michael and I am a horticultural trainee at Perth and Kinross Council and I attend college once a week where we get plant/tree idents every week. I have been working on putting one together for you to try, so give it a go and the answers will be shown on Friday the 27th, best of luck!

  1. scots pine
  2. Image result for horse chestnut leaves
  3. Image result for silver birch  leaves
  4. Image result for oak  leaves
  5. Image result for prunus avium leaves
  6. Image result for katsura leaves
  7. Image result for laburnum leaves
  8. Image result for elm tree leaves
  9. Image result for tulip tree leaf
  10. Image result for fagus sylvatica leaf